Abi Haslam - May 14 2022

Who we are, What we do & Why we do it

For many of you that don't know who we are , what we do and why we do it .. this post is for you. For those who do, well you can just nod along politely to what I feel will be a poorly written post. 

Where to start... well we are a small family run, father & daughter business who are accompanied by our two lovable fluffs Skye & Caesar - and yes to answer what you're all thinking many people just come to see them, but we don't mind.  

To be completely honest we didn't know the first thing about furniture (and still don't know much) but we love the idea of rescuing furniture from the burning clutches of skips and tips and giving them a new lease of life.  So no spoilers but that's just WHAT WE DO. We recognised and were astonished at what furniture people just threw away because it had a mark or two, so back in March 2018 we came up with and started Fosseway Furniture, and believe it or not we haven't killed each other yet. 

Have you heard of the good old saying "One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure"? About 80% of our items are things that nobody wanted and they were just going to be skipped to landfill or burnt.  We believe there is too much rubbish in the world and we are trying to do our small part to help. 

Just a few things we do . . . 

1We not only rescue old unwanted furniture but we buy furniture too. So if you find yourself with an abundance of wardrobes, chairs or drawers please drop us a message and we'll help you out.

2We Paint not only preloved furniture we buy in, but any furniture you have lying around your house that you think could do with a spruce up.

3We have a shot blaster... and yes that's as exiting as it sounds. We can completely sand back any solid wooden furniture to its natural beauty and even blast any rust or paint off metal items to.

Just a sneak peak at what we do.... sanding

This solid wooden chest of drawers originally from John Lewis was nobody's cup of tea until one day a lovely customer asked for it to be shot blasted and well TA-DAH!!!

Some painting ideas for you...

This stag dressing table as lovely as it is, is too old fashioned for nowadays modern homes, so a customer asked for it to have its top sanded and vanished with the base painted in 'Railings' by Farrow & Ball and the results just speak for themselves.

So that's enough from me today. We hope to meet you soon (or if you've been before see you again). Hopefully we'll get a weekly post up so we can keep you all updated with news, new items and exiting competitions. 

All the best from the 4 of us at Fosseway Furniture.