Abi Haslam - Jun 02 2022

Buy Old Not New!

Buying new furniture is like buying fast food. It's cheap, easy to access and will fill the hole.. but only temporarily. Everyone loves the idea of something that looks good and is affordable. So why buy new when you can by old ? 

Did you know that in the U.K alone we send over 22 million pieces of furniture a year to landfill.. and over 50% of this furniture is reusable. So why do millions of people decide to buy new furniture rather than recycle the old ? Quite simply new furniture is stylish, modern and gives you a sense of belonging. As well as that its affordable, as most companies nowadays provide buy now pay later schemes. But just because it looks good doesn't mean it is. Most cheap, new furniture is flat pack and we all know assembling your own furniture can be very time-consuming, and if you're like me (totally hopeless) you may even need to pay to have your items assembled too which just adds to the cost... because lets face it, if it’s not assembled properly, well we all know what happens then.. it could be bye bye coffee!!

So then what are the perks of buying old...

A good few reasons to buy reclaimed furniture... 

ITS LOW COST - The most enticing aspect of buying old furniture is how cheap it can be, because hey who doesn't like to save a penny or two ?

IT’S ECO-FRIENDLY - Making use of pre-owned furniture helps our planet a little bit each time.

IT’S UNIQUE  - Buying old furniture is great because you can design it however you want. If you want to sand it, decoupage it or even paint it bright pink - why not, the worlds your oyster, get creative. Once you're finished no one will even notice its a refurbished item.

LOW DEPRECIATION - Lets face it, the resale value on brand new furniture depreciates so much compared to what you paid for it originally. Unlike buying used furniture which offers the opportunity to sell again and again at a relatively high value - sometimes making you a pretty penny or two. 

GOOD QUALITY - Most old furniture is very well made, with many hours of craftsmanship going into them. They are nearly always solid wood so if you get bored easily with a certain colour scheme they are easily sanded and repainted again. Perfect for those who like to follow the furniture fashion. 

Isn't that just what you do...

We have hundreds of pre-loved, unwanted, recycled furniture in our warehouse (I would say shop but its just not that tidy... yet). All of the items we buy in are either unwanted by someone or saved from landfill.  We are open 6 days a week for you to pop on by or failing that we update our website regularly with all our new stock, so feel free to have a good old peruse. 

Near enough every piece of furniture we have can be customised to your hearts desire. If you want a piece sanded, painted or even reupholstered just drop us a message or buy online.  

As always it doesn't have to be a piece of our furniture that you get customised, if you have a piece you already own or have bought something from somewhere else than just pop it into us or we can even collect.

We urge everyone to revamp, up-cycle and spruce up their old furniture because the more we do now, the better it is in the long run for our beautiful planet. So let's ditch the greasy fast foods and go back to the good old fashioned classics!